1 noun
1 in advance before something happens or is expected to happen: I should warn you in advance, we may be delayed. | six months/a year in advance: Rent is payable three months in advance.
(+ of): Could you distribute copies well in advance of the meeting?
2 DEVELOPMENT/IMPROVEMENT (C) a change, discovery, or invention that brings progress: His book argues that there have been major advances for women since 1945.
(+ in): Recent advances in biotechnology have raised moral questions.
3 FORWARD MOVEMENT (C) forward movement or progress: the army's advance
4 MONEY (countable usually singular) money paid to someone before the usual time
5 advances (plural) an attempt to start a friendly or sexual relationship with someone: make advances: She accused her boss of making advances to her.
6 INCREASE (C) technical an increase in the price or value of something: a further big advance in the price of gold
2 verb
1 MOVE (I) to move forward, especially in a slow and determined way: advance on (=move forward in order to attack): Troops advanced on the rebel stronghold.
(+ across/through/towards): The army slowly advanced across the frozen tundra.
2 DEVELOP (I) if something such as technical or scientific knowledge advances, it develops and improves: Our understanding of human genetics has advanced considerably.
3 advance a plan/idea/proposal etc formal to suggest a plan etc so that other people can consider it: A similar plan was advanced by the British delegation.
4 MONEY (T) to give someone money before they have earned it: advance sb sth: Will they advance you some money until your get your first paycheck?
5 advance a cause/your interests/your career etc to do something that will help you achieve advantage of success
6 PRICE (I) technical if the price or value of something advances, it increases in amount: Oil shares advanced today in heavy trading.
7 CHANGE TIME (T) formal to change the time when an event should happen to an earlier time or date: The time of the meeting has been advanced to ten o'clock.
8 FILM/CLOCK (T) formal if you advance a film, clock etc, you make it go forward
-see also: advancing 3 adjective
1 advance planning/warning/booking etc planning etc that is done before an event: We received no advance warning of the storm.
2 advance party/team a group of people who go first to a place where something will happen to prepare for it

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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